I have been taking portraits since 2013 and I love shooting on both film and digital mediums.

I was born in Korea, the only child to my 1st-gen US immigrant mom and US Air Force dad, and raised in Maryland. I attended Johns Hopkins University, where I met my fiancé, and we now have a happy home in Maryland with two perfect kitties.

I actually got my degree in Computer Science, which uniquely influences the way I approach creativity: master the rules before breaking them, then know when to break them and create something inspiring.

I'm a Jill of all trades and I have a million hobbies. I couldn't list them all down below where you can see some of my Favorite Things, so ask me about them!

I hope you find something that inspires you as you browse my work!

Hi, I'm Jenny

Analog photography on authentic film is not just a relic of the past. Images captured on film possess a classic, timeless quality that you'll want to pass down in your photos for generations - for your children and grandchildren to thumb through in albums, the way you do your family photos.

Compared to a digital medium, film is slow. It is not instantly gratifying and like most good things, takes time: from manually metering the light, to the resonant, mechanical shutter of a vintage film camera, to waiting on film processing and scanning from a lab across the country.

There is, of course, a time and place for everything. Digital photography allows me to keep up with the fast paced moments of a wedding, while still being able to match the look and feel of the resulting images to that film aesthetic. It also gives us the security to know your moments are captured, in the case of a bad roll of film, or misfortune in the postal system.

Plus, who doesn't love just a little bit of instant gratification? I'm known for sitting in my car after a shoot to edit a handful of images off my digital camera, right on my iPhone, to send to my clients, because I can't bear the suspense!

Why film and digital?

When I was a kid, I spent lots of time dreaming about being a grown-up. I would spend time doing the things I loved, find my life partner, make a family, have a happy home. I painted this picture in my imagination. That picture of joy and connection is the thing I always return to in my journey. And I know I'm not the only one... I have found myself surrounded by people who thrive on this human connection, inwardly with ourselves, and also through others.

I carry a parallel nostalgia for the past, too. Looking at old photos of me and my parents from a chapter so long ago that I don't remember it, but I am transported back... that is such a simple gift.

To see a photograph of your life and be reminded: of the first day of your marriage, of those first months with your baby at home, of your sweet pet's golden years, of graduation, that transformative time in your life... These are all gifts of joy and human experience, and I am inspired to bring that gift to others.

It humbles me to connect with the people I meet through this passion and in all areas of my life, and to learn about their stories.

I aim to serve my clients with empathy, integrity, and love. I believe in growth, love for all people, diversity, and truth.

I hope you will join me in this journey.

Why do I do this?

I love all things pink! So much that I donned the color on my head for three years!


My fiancé and I have two beautiful kitties, Makki and Ada. They are the lights of our lives, the best cuddlers, and they know how to make us smile a thousand times a day.

our kitties

I learned to crochet from my mom when I was a kid! I love keeping my hands busy and it's a joy making cozy things for my friends and family every winter.

knitting & crocheting

My dad always calls these the beer drinking sports: bowling and golf. Besides the beer, I'm in it for the love of refining my skills in something highly technical and rhythmic (both sports absolutely are!)

"beer drinking sports"

favorite things

...are sincere, thoughtful, and passionately in love. They know how to both live in the present and value the sweet sentiment of a cherished memory.  My couples have a vision for their wedding day, whether it be intimate or grand, and they are inspired by art and music. They view photography as poetry. They are curious about the world, and aren't afraid to try new things. They live by firm values of kindness and they love with a great fierceness.

my couples...


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